Monday, July 5, 2010

Back From Vacation and Happy July 4th!!

Hello Friends!!

I survived the heat, the rides, and all the walking we did in Williamsburg, VA! It was great to be back in a place that I loved so much as a child..A lot of happy memories to relive now with my children!! It was also gret to have my parents there and my brother and his kids.. I really enjoyed being with my nephews and niece!! Great quality time that I hope they enjoyed as well!!

We had a realxing July 4th! It was kind of odd to be able to ride around towm with NO traffic..Hubby informed me that summer school is out so there are no college kids in town! Ah, thats why!! I'm so use to shore traffic and not being able to go anywhere becasue the shoobies are hogging the roads! LOL Another great thing about living in the mountains! It's also cooler !!The fireworks were awesome..A really nice display once they got started at 10pm! We went for ice cream at Sonic then the kiddos came home to bed. We will do our sparklers tonight! It was too late last night.

I got some great new goodies to share with you..I will have to take some pics and show you!!
Off to create some birthday invites for Emilee's 3rd Birthday!

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