Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello Friends,

It's been a busy month for me with Faith's birthday on the 8th and my parents coming to visit. School started on Oct. 1 with Design Principles and so far I have an A in the class! This week is our last week and next week I start Typography and Color Theory.
I also got some shocking news on the 19th! I am expecting!! At almost 41, I did not think having a baby was in the cards but God's got a plan!

By my calculations I am about 7 weeks and due around my Mom's birthday which is June 13th! I am excited but also a little apprehensive because I feel like i'm starting over..Faith is 10 and Emilee is 5! I know this is God's plan, there is no other way to explain the fact that I am pregnant with the extensive history I have!
So, that's my October..and the reason I have been MIA! I have been feeling kind of crummy with nausea and indigestion but I'm hoping that goes away soon!

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