Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Emilee!!

She turns 4 today!! So hard to believe..I remember her birth very well..One of the scariest/happiest days of my life. I had some complications and went to the ER for an emergency c-section..That was my nurse practioner's plan..Not mine!! LOL They were able to get my pressure up and Emilee stabilized so I was given the option by my NP..try and push her out before Doctor gets here or you are going to get a C-section! Well, Emilee arrived 5 minutes later vaginally!! The nurses told me they have never seen a women go in for a emergency section come out with a vaginal birth!! Those people don't know me very well!! LOL I was determined to not get cut!! I was suppose to have surgery 6 weeks later to take out cysts and on top of the 2 other surgeries I've had with complications I was not about to have another!!

Emilee is pure joy! She is very stubborn and likes what she likes and wears what she wants to wear and doesn't care how you feel about it! LOL If it's not what she wants she has a fit!! She also has a sweet side to her..she is the kind of kid that will come up to you and kiss you just because..she always tells me before I leave to be careful and when I'm hurting she comes over to comfort me!
Her favorite things include Princesses..especially Cinderella, Backyardigans, and Dora! This year she is having a Dora birthday party at my Mom's house in NJ. She will be opening her gifts after dinner tonight and Faith and I will be singing her happy Birthday! She wanted chocolate mini cupcakes with pink and blue icing!

Here is a picture of Emilee modeling her birthday dress and her mini cupcake!

Happy Birthday my sweet Emilee!! I love you very much!!

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