Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have been on a cleaning frenzy the past few days! My studio was a hot MESS..and not in a good way either. I couldn't get into my closet, I had tons of crap laying in front of it to put into it! So I decided to clean it all out and then once I got into the closet I decided to get rid of some things..I have to be careful what I put into it because the bottom  is broke so nothing real heavy goes into the bottom. Well, it just snow balled from there..Before I knew it I had everything all over the place.
This is a picture of my desk before..I moved things around a bit and now have more room!
Here is my desk now..with some rearranging I have lots more space..I can even put my paper cutter on my desk. Something I have never done. as you can see from the top photo, I always put it along side of me!
I simply moved the pink and black organizer down to the corner and tilted it! Voila! More space!
I moved my Ikea Alex drawer unit where I sit my Cricut to the other side of the room so I could access the slim chest of drawers where my TV is. I had 4 drawers that were empty because I couldn't get into them!
From a different angle..
Here it is now! I put my cling stamps, Masks, and other painting supplies in the drawers. All the drawers are labeled!
Next task was the large pile of Deep sweater boxes I had of old kits from Scarlet Lime. I decided to finally take the kits apart and separate all the products..Well, it was quite an undertaking  but I did it and LOVE the results!
Believe it or not, all the paper from the 2 years worth of kits I had stored fit into ONE Cropper Hopper paper organizer. When I separated the paper I first separated into shapes and floral then I separated the piles into color. While I was here I took all the prepackaged kits that I had that I also had bulky embellishments for and put them in one of the sweater boxes. It freed lots of space on my shelf and they didn't need to be on the shelf because most of those I bought for specific projects!
Scarlet Lime kits come with lots of different type of Embellishments so I decided to also categorize those as well. I have places for chipboard, run ons, flowers but not for stickers..So I had these 15 qt. clear totes and decided to use them. One has stickers of words, journaling blocks,trim, and edges. The other box has theme stickers and seasons. I actually had a drawer left over in my pink and black wood organizer ( on my desk) and put all the floral stickers in there.
I went from 4 boxes down to 2 ! One of theme/ manufacturer kits and the other has  a collection of stuff for specific Disney, Halloween, Travel.
Finally I come to the best part of this project..I decided to float my paint table in the middle of the room! It's a small student folding table I got when I first started scrapbooking 12 years ago. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner! It fits perfectly and it allows me to get into my closet if I need to!
Here is one final look at the finished room! I can't wait to start creating in my improved space! The best part..I didn't spend ANY money!! Just some ingenuity and a lot of sweat!



  1. This looks great!!! I'm jealous of your space and the nice light! :)

  2. Thanks! The light is partly due to the 3 ott lights I have..2 look over my desk and the other over my paint table!